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The majority of your home's value is outside, not inside. 

Outdoor Solutions
can help you find your outdoor
 style and implement a design
 that is functional and beautiful.

Landscaping is a combination of art and science. 
A professional landscaper understands both and can blend the elements of nature and construction seamlessly.  This requires a sense of style, good observation skills creativity and imagination.

A professionally designed landscape is more than beautiful, it is also functional. 
The possibilities are endless.

Landscaping can mean shaping beds and pruning shrubs or it can involve replacing trees or defining outdoor living areas.
The most important features of a landscape are form and function: It must fit the lifestyle of the owner.


Design in harmony with life

    ...shape of the beds    
        ...terracing and grading
            ...trees, shrubs, lawn and flowers
                ....hardscapes and lighting
                    ...natural and wooded areas

Form and Function...
    ...frame a focal point
        ...provide interest
            ...increase curb appeal
                ...increase property value

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